Video and Audio and Recordings and with Transcripts


Lifestyle of Learning™ Principles — Live Telephone Seminar with Marilyn Howshall & Barbie Poling

(1-hour messages about a Lifestyle of Learning™ principle; audio or video w/downloadable transcript)

In these once a month seminar conference calls, video chats, or pre-recorded videos, you will receive more detailed instruction for implementing growth and learning principles with your children that will contribute to both their character formation and lifestyle of learning pursuits. Seminars are available to members for free during their live recording and for two weeks afterwards. 

Transcripts of the Lifestyle of Learning™ Principles audios will be available as soon as they are finished.


Minding Your Ps n Qs – pre-recorded Video Seminars with Marilyn Howshall 

In each video, Marilyn discusses principles that will work for you and how they are scalable to work for your children too. These videos are very practical with lots of visuals to aid in explanation.


Word Study Videos— pre-recoreded video Seminar w/Barbie Poling

(1-hour messages about the process of self-education word study)

In these once a month seminar videos, Barbie invites you into the word study process she learned from Marilyn Howshall's ebook Transformational Education.  She shares her personalized methods of study used for her own self education, and for developing messages such as the Love's Actions Seminars. Barbie is studying the word, "Affection" as you follow along with her process.

Seminars will be available to members for free.



Wisdom’s Way Q&A  Live Telephone Conference Call w/Marilyn Howshall & Barbie Poling

Marilyn and Barbie answer questions about Lifestyle of Learning™ and address relational concerns of moms who call in on the phone line. These recordings of the live conference calls are available for you to listen to over and over at a time that is good for you. You’ll be able to pause and play as you need to in order to fit them in to your full life with your precious children. The transcripts for the calls will be available as they’re completed. With the transcripts, you’ll no longer feel the urgency to furiously take notes as Marilyn and Barbie discuss the many questions arising from a pursuit of the Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach to home education. If you learn best by reading, the transcripts will allow you to read the contents of the conference calls at your leisure marking them up, and adding your own notes in the margins.

Transcripts of the Wisdom's Way Q&A audios will be available as soon as they are finished.

Lifestyle of Learning™ Beginnings Interviews  Live Telephone Conference Call w/Marilyn Howshall & Guest

You will hear the inspiring stories of how other moms began a lifestyle of learning and came to allow God to do a deeper work in their own life, leading to changing the way they related with their children, which led to the fruit they always wanted in their family relationships and lifestyle of learning. If you missed these calls the first time around, you’ll be able to hear them at your own convenience. Those of you who heard them the first time will be able to hear them again with new ears to hear each time.

You’ll be encouraged toward your own process with your family, and with the Lord as you come to realize that education is relational and God’s ways in your life will come as you address your relationships. You’ll be able to hear from moms of all walks of life. Some with older children, some with young, some taking their kids out of public school, some working with their special needs children. Some winning the hearts of their teens and even older ones who’ve already left the home. All the moms give their own expression to the same truths of liberty, growth, and life change in a way that will touch your heart, and bring tears to your eyes, strengthening your resolve to run after the Lord and His ways. All sound recordings carry a “Tissue Needed” warning!

Transcripts of the Lifestyle of Learning™ Beginnings audios will be available as soon as they are finished.


Interest Blast Audios — Live Telephone Conference Call w/Marilyn Howshall & Barbie Poling

During an Interest Blast conference call, Marilyn and Barbie brainstorm ideas and inspiration for specific interests your children have. They talk about how to validate the interests, how to deepen it, and how to bring it to the table for academic growth.

Transcripts of the Interest Blast audios will be available as soon as they are finished.