Your Child’s Individuality and Unique Creative Profile

The Facet of Human Nature that Defines Unique Purpose  

                                                                                                                    ~ Marilyn Howshall

Marilyn shows how you can wisely guide the formation of your children’s individuality within a healthy family environment by getting to know each one’s unique creative profile of traits so you can nurture all God has placed within them.

Topics Addressed in Message:

  • The Role of Individuality in Education
  • Individuality Holds the Key to Destiny
  • Creativity Is Expressed through a Personal Profile of Inborn Traits
  • Unity with Diversity ~ Grace and Love
  • Know the Extremes of Man’s Ways ~ Individualism and Conformity
  • Conformity’s Response to the Needs of Family
  • Individualism’s Response to the Needs of Family
  • What Happened to Your Creativity? 
  • What’s in a Word? ~ Genius
  • Creative Profiling
  • Nurture and Discipline Your Children’s Creative Process
  • How to Govern the Creative Process & Encourage Small Successes
  • The Creative Process Unlocks the Door to the Five Learning Tools

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