Kids Project Forum

That’s right! There’s a forum for your kids! Each one can have their own account or you can keep them all using one account. It’s up to you. In this forum, you and your kids can see what other Lifestyle of Learning™ kids are working on around the country. The forum is categorized according to interests so your children can easily find what they’re looking for. It will be fun for them to see the work of other Lifestyle of Learning™ kids with the same interest as their own or browse through all the different interests for additional inspiration and ideas. They’ll be able to ask, “How did you do that??!!” The kids freely share their sources for inspiration and their methods for achieving their results.

Your children will also have the opportunity to share their projects. This is an excellent way for them to round out their learning process using all the learning tools as they prepare their projects or collections for presentation by taking pictures and writing, as their skill allows, to explain and describe their project and process.