Mom's Get Started Lifestyle of Learning™ Notebook Packet

Have you ever wanted to make a Lifestyle of Learning™ notebook for yourself? I've seen many over the years at meetings, which is why I can say that many moms inspired this one. It has sections for everything you would want plus extra tabs to create your own! It’s a great way to get organized and motivated toward your own lifestyle of learning self-education. There are sections for making notes about your kids interests, sections for your purchased eBooks and other downloadable eArticles. You can use your own 3-ring binder and add Lifestyle of Learning™ colored inserts on the front and spine, add the tabs and the extra articles about how to do word studies, and you're good to go! You’ll be inspired and instructed toward your own education and a greater depth of knowing your children as you fill the sections with your own notes taken from Lifestyle of Learning™ blog posts, conference calls, and telephone seminars.

Here’s what Naomi said about her Binder Notebook Packet:

“I put mine together yesterday. WOW! I now have a stuffed binder that is bursting at the seams waiting for me to gain an education!! I clearly had no idea about the notebook method until I saw this! I can see a lot of thought and effort went into creating these pages and I really appreciate it. This binder packet is so great to get everything organized. Marilyn's articles on word studies, which are included, are very beneficial.”

31 Page Set of Notebook Pages


(for you to fill with your own content)

My Education ~ Instruction Sheets
My Education ~ Dictionary Definitions
My Education ~ Bible Verses
My Education ~ Notes and Revelations
My Child’s Interests (includes notes pages for writing about each of your children’s interests)
Two-Pronged Education Myth (eArticle)
Transformational Education (eBook)
The Biblical Science, Art, and Tools of Learning, WWOL, book 1
The Unit-of-Life™ Learning Model, WWOL, book 2
The Life Message™ Learning Model, WWOL, book 3
Seasons—God’s Time-Design WWOL, book 4
My Journey in Search for the Way (eBook)
Printed Blog Posts from Lifestyle of Learning™ blogs
Audio Notes / Transcripts (interviews & WWQ&As)


Cover sheet to slip into your own 3-ring binder
Sheet of labels to put into your own section dividers
Instruction sheets for each suggested section
5 short eArticles about reading and study by Marilyn Howshall

  • Practical Activities for Exercising the Learning Tools
  • 2-Step In-depth Study Guidelines (using the 5 learning tools)
  • How I Tackle a New Subject (when reading a book)
  • Instructions for Reading Assignments and Self-Evaluation Tool
  • Article on Webster’s 1828 Dictionary


$10.00 Value

* This is a downloadable product. Binder not included.