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Leading moms to discover and see their own growth progress, as well as their children's growth and change with the five learning tools.

Our mom’s forum has several sections for you to connect with others. The “Connect” section is for questions and comments and just saying “hello” to fellow Lifestyle of Learning™ moms. Here you can interact with Marilyn Howshall, Barbie Poling, and other Lifestyle of Learning™ moms who are learning the Lord's ways, and learning to love and educate their families in freedom and wisdom at the heart level. You won’t have to feel alone in your home education journey and you won’t have to feel like you’re doing something different than everyone else as you “meet” moms all across the country and even the world who are on the same path.

Unlike Facebook groups, these posts don’t pass by and go out of view. You’ll be able to look over past conversations for review, and to find answers to your questions that someone already asked. You might even find answers to questions you didn’t know you needed to ask! The handy icons allow you at a glance to know if there’s a new post you haven’t seen yet. You can subscribe to the threads that are important to you and receive an email when someone adds to it.

The Mom’s forum has a section for connecting with the Lifestyle of Learning™ moms in your state. Perhaps someone lives closer than you think!

There’s a section for the Mommy Blog for those of you who like to blog. Here you'll find questions to get you started on writing down your experiences with your children. You’ll be able to see the questions answered by a variety of moms, almost like a panel for the subject. These blogs will give another “picture” of how the Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach leads to a rich and full education, not only academically, but in character-formation as well.

Another section of the Forum is for sharing your Breakthroughs. This section will be for you and others to post your short Ah-ha moments. These will be the kinds of things you might share during the discussion part of a meeting, giving an indication toward the progress of you and your family. These brief testimonies are generally three paragraphs or less.

The testimony section of the Moms’ Forum is for those longer posts giving the details of the Lord’s precious work in you and your family. Generally the Testimony section is for stories that are more than three paragraphs long and describe a process.

The Forum can give you the day by day connection and support of other moms who are also on this Lifestyle of Learning™ journey. Don’t feel alone anymore! Come connect with us!

The periodic newsletter may feature Mommy blog posts and testimonies from the Mom’s forum.