Periodic eNewsletter

regular features for the whole family!

A Note from Marilyn Howshall or Barbie Poling

Marilyn’s and Barbie's personal notes will let you know what is happening in the coming week of the ministry, as well as some of the things they've been thinking about. You’ll be blessed by the encouragement toward your heart for the Lord, and for your parenting.

Lifestyle of Learning™ Blog

Features various authors.

These blog posts will give you a glimpse into the real life relating of Lifestyle of Learning™ Families. Marilyn and Barbie write about their current thoughts and their families. Guests blog testimonies of the Lord's goodness in their families.


Character Blog for Children, by Rachel Poling, Annie Poling, and Barbie Poling

These blog posts are especially for kids to encourage them toward Christlike character. They use their experience with many children to describe common character issues and point the way toward Christlike character. Parents will also be inspired to examine their own relational habits as they read these blog posts to their children.

Mommy Blog Post, written by our members 

Take a peek into the lives of your fellow Lifestyle of Learning™ members as they share their experiences with the learning and growth process taking place in their homes. All members will have the opportunity to respond to the blog starter questions, and some of these answers will appear in the newsletter. You’ll be inspired to begin seeing in your children what these moms are seeing in theirs, and you’ll be encouraged with new ideas for your family’s learning process.

Featured Member

Our Featured member section will allow you to get to know the other families in the Association. You’ll see that you have a great deal in common with other families, and get to know a bit more about who is connecting with you, and asking questions alongside you in the forum.

Resource Highlight

We’ve posted many of our favorite resources to the website, and our list will continue to grow. Do your kids want to know:

  • What is the best drawing book?

  • Where can I learn how to make chainmaille?

  • Where can I find free software?

  • What’s the best book for bead work?

  • How did you learn how to do that?!!

Our periodic newsletter will feature and review a resource, telling you why we like it and where it can be found. Your children will be inspired to pursue learning by teaching themselves as they pick up tips from fellow Lifestyle of Learning™ kids.

Announcement of our newest Video 

These inspiring videos bring real life examples to the principles of Lifestyle of Learning™. We have several different series of videos underway. The newsletter will notify you of the newest video and provide a link straight to the members’ viewing page.


Testimonies of God’s goodness and relational reconciliation will inspire you toward a hunger for His ways to be all the more outworked in your own life. It is such a joy to witness the growth and change as family after family experiences the freedom and depth of Christlike character developing in their family relationships, changing the moral culture of their homes forever!