Kids Delight-Directed Project Notebooks

Interactive LOLKids Project Notebooks with Mommy Commentary

Notebooks provide a leisurely look into a child’s developing interest while pursuing a Lifestyle of Learning™ Approach to home education. The notebooks are a pictorial expression of an interest accompanied with a few of the child’s own descriptions. Sprinkled throughout are mommy notes given to point toward the mom’s observations of her child’s process. The pages on these notebooks are interactive in that you turn the page when you’re ready to. Several of the notebooks are made from the photos taken at our local Lifestyle of Learning™ Project Fairs. Like the videos, these notebooks will help you see what Lifestyle of Learning™ is like, and inspire you to see the learning benefits in your children’s projects. They will also inspire your children toward their own creativity and learning.

We'll eventually be creating interactive notebooks out of scanned pages of original binder notebooks made by kids about one of their interests as part of their academic disciplines. These will be available as we're able to make them.