Inspiring Videos

"Miss Marilyn's Visits"

These videos will give you a concentrated look into the process and product of delight-directed learning. In each episode of “Informal Learning” Marilyn interviews kids about a project or collection. In “Blossoming Interest”, Marilyn talks with older kids about an entire interest developing as they move their life forward. Blossoming Interest videos are divided into 1, 2, or even 3 parts for a thorough look into the developing interest.

The videos include close ups of projects, descriptions of processes, interview with the student's mom, and discussion of the character formed and learning tools developed through the creative process. As you listen to the student's mom and Marilyn describe the learning tools, you’ll clearly see just how much your children are learning through the expression of their own interests.

Your children will be inspired toward expert skill building and creativity as they gain enthusiasm to pursue their own interests. Past videos will be available to members to watch over and over.